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Cedar Knoll Restaurant Site

Create an attractive responsive landing page to help establish a new restaurant's brand and online presence.

June 1st, 2016

  • Design and develop site using Gulp and SASS
  • Discuss site with business owner and logo designer to establish project requirements and branding guidelines
  • Research and write all site copy, gather and edit images, and created custom SVG icons
  • Deploy and update with Rsync.

Cedar Knoll: Original Site Design

Lessons Learned: Designing and developing a site for a new business and brand involves many iterations even after launch. Static sites are ideal for the job, as they cut a lot of overhead and can help clients accept a more streamlined, declarative design process.

Task runners like Gulp, once configured properly, can eliminate a tremendous amount of busy work such as compiling and auto-prefixing SASS, optimizing images, and minimizing code. Writing DRY modular SASS and using a templating language like Nunjucks greatly reduces turnaround time and increases the quality of updates and new features.

I learned a lot about configuring Gulp during the original build phase, but ultimately I migrated to a Gulp starter kit with an optimal set of features for the project.