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Create a fresh and maintainable website for a music teacher.

January 1st, 2019

The owner was paying monthly hosting fees on a site with a few pages of static content that did not justify a web server. The original site itself was very text-heavy and something of a relic.

As a favor, I redesigned and deployed the site as a responsive static site. I also hand-designed all the SVGs on the site, including the logos and instrument icons. This was my favorite part, for as a frontend engineer for a corporate-owned web app at the time, designing vectors was no longer part of my day job and I wanted practice. There were no existing brand materials, except for some photos of business cards and t-shirts that featured a logo. I re-created the logo from the t-shirt design. As a hobbyist musician, I fought my urge to want to make the instrument logos too detailed or too accurate, and focused on reducing them to primitive shapes.

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