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Music workshop app for a song-a-week group called MEW (Music Every Week).

September 1st, 2023


This web app gradually evolved from a humble submissions form with admin tools to a full-featured social app experience for an online community of songwriters and music makers.


  • 🎹 (admin) create workshops and assignments with deadlines and automatically generated or create custom playlists of submissions and set playlist release dates
  • 🔗 (admin) generate secret public links for anonymous submissions and public playlist links to share
  • 🔐 (admin) manage membership and restrict access to only workshop members
  • 📧 (admin) enable MailChimp integration to sync members and membership status from an email marketing list
  • ⬇️ (admin) generate a download link for all submissions for any given assignment
  • 🔒 (members) password-less sign-up and sign-in with verification code sent to email
  • ✍️ (members) create a profile and add bio and links
  • 📂 (members) upload audio files, artwork, and lyrics
  • ❤️ (members) request feedback and get assigned other submissions to optionally give feedback
  • 🔊 (members) create, clone, and share custom playlists
  • 📢 (members) comment on playlist tracks and view latest comments in your feed
  • 🎺 (members) upload audio stems in midi, wav, and a variety of formats and tag with metadata such as BPM, key, instruments recorded, etc.
  • 🎼 (members) view list of all of your submissions across multiple workshops and play as a playlist
  • 🌍 (members) pin your location to a workshop community map

Link to repo: