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Kanban app for your GitHub starred repos.

May 1st, 2018


I star a lot of repos on Github, but for various reasons. Sometimes they're relevant to a project that I'm currently working on. Other times, I just want to bookmark them for future exploration. My original idea was — what if I could just import all my starred repos to a KanBan board and then organize them there?

What It Does

StarNotes allows users to login with their GitHub, create KanBan boards and lists, fetch and create cards from their starred repos and add notes to them.

How I Built It

I started with the Vuetify Webpack starter. I created a simple layout with navigation and a demo board component that fetches starred repos from the GitHub API. I used the Firebase SDK to authenticate with GitHub and created a dashboard where users can manage their boards. I created a Vuex store based on the initial demo board but with some other properties for user-specific state, and actions and mutations to interact with it. I created board, list, and demo components based on the original demo. Finally, I used the Firebase SDK to sync with a database and update the Vuex store inside the promise resolve callbacks.

Challenges I Ran Into

Firebase makes authentication quite easy compared with implementing a Node solution, but it still takes a lot of planning and some troubleshooting.

For example, the method I used to check the user's auth status to persist their signin as they navigate from page to page doesn't return the same object as the initial signin method, so I couldn't count on always getting some very useful provider data unless I wanted to store that in my database (which I didn't).

What I learned

This was my third project using Vuetify, so there was still much to learn but I became a lot faster at using the API without referring to the docs as much.

I've also worked with Firebase in a few other projects, but I spent a lot of time with the docs and I'm now comfortable with all the common auth and database methods.